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If you've hired many sweeping services in Lexington or heard horror stories from your colleagues, it won't surprise you much to hear that when BEJA Environmental owners first endeavored to build a different kind of sweeping company, their research uncovered two MAJOR issues: inconsistency & working with people who say, “No speak English!”

As we’ve grown, we now see that the same issues also impact power washing, facility maintenance and construction. What we thought was normal and easy has become our biggest asset and distinction in business: Treating others as we would like to be treated. 

Our crews are often onsite when very few others are even awake! You need to know and trust that your property is well cared for. Be sure to ask about our “Customer Assurance” program.

Professional Sweeping Services


SCREENED FOR QUALITY : Each of our crews in Lexington and throughout Central Kentucky have excellent service experience. In addition to selecting the rare person that meets our written “BEJA Crew Member Expectations”, we've also selected for EPA training, commercial drivers licensing, heavy equipment operation, no record with the law, and a great attitude towards team mates and customers.

DRUG-FREE : We not only claim to be a drug-free company, we actually administer drug tests immediately upon hiring each worker and comply with DOT random drug testing. We are vigilant about this because this industry deals with the challenges of operating heavy equipment without the additional hazard of chemically-impaired behavior.

FAMILY-SAFE : We conduct pre-employment background checks to insure that no one with a predatory history finds opportunity to abuse people or steal possessions on your property. This is part of our effort to rebuild the trust.

SUPERIOR IN SKILL : Because we have become a preferred place to work, we've been able to hire and retain some of the most highly skilled employees in Central Kentucky. And superior skill is certainly what you want at work on your job given the endless nuances and emergencies inherent in facility maintenance, the mishandling of which could have dire consequences for you and your property. 

ABLE TO GIVE MORE THAN A GRUNT IN RESPONSE! : We aim to raise the industry standard, in part by sending crews to your property who will wow you with their politeness and responsiveness to your wishes and concerns. While a descriptive contract prevents most client/contractor misunderstandings, we are quick to give our customers the benefit of the doubt, even if it means doing more work than we had anticipated. Regardless of the day or night shift, we promise to send you a crew that will be pleasant to speak with and with whom you'll be at ease even if you have valuables in sight. Most of all, they will impress you with their hustle, persistent work, and attention to detail. We truly stand out in this regard.

Sweeping Services


READY : We work diligently to maintain our equipment so you can rest easy knowing that BEJA is consistently on the job. We have back-up units ready to go when the unexpected occurs.

ABLE : Innovation is what distinguishes a great company from a good company. Here are a couple of the ways we are working to stay ahead of the crowd:

•Sweepers - We specifically chose to buy regenerative air sweeper because they are the best type of sweeper for storm water compliance. Regenerative air sweepers not only pick up the heavy material, but consistently pick up the micron particles and create the least amount of dust in the process. Other Lexington street sweeping companies use Broom or Vacuum Air sweepers which leave larger amounts of material behind, create more dust or often both!

•Power Washers - Our equipment allows us to clean faster and more effectively than other Lexington pressure washing companies. We use variable pressure from an 8 gallon per minute power washing machine. Most “off the shelf” brand pressure washers may have the similar pressure, but only 1 to 2 gallons per minute.  We pair the pressure washing equipment with a waste water recovery vacuum system that recaptures the water.

Contact us and request our “Apples to Apples” comparison chart before you hire your next Lexington sweeping company!

Beja Crew Member Expectations
9.Cares about the company and its reputation
12.Passes criminal background check