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Want to protect your investment and add years to the beauty of your property? 
In the warm and humid climate we enjoy here in Central Kentucky the potential for dirt buildup plus mold, mildew and algae growth is a fact of life. The visual appearance of your business, home, deck, fence, driveway and walkway is under attack from the natural elements, foot traffic and spills.

BEJA Environmental Inc., a Lexington pressure washing company, is equipped with the latest techniques and commercial power washing equipment that allows us to vary the water pressure and temperature.

Call today for a demonstration of our waste water collection system.

Our pressure washing staff is thoroughly trained on the latest chemical solutions to ensure that no matter what needs cleaned, BEJA can handle it for you!!

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Mt. Sterling

We will work anywhere in Kentucky on contracted commercial power washing services.

Lexington pressure washing company

Importance of Power Washing Service in Lexington

A Lexington pressure washing company doesn’t just remove dirt from your property. They also play a vital role in increasing the safety of your area and your compliance with local codes. Here’s why a pressure washing service in Lexington, KY is important:

Maintain the value of your property

The outdoor elements can take their toll on your property. If left sitting for long, dirt can cause damage which will affect the market value of your commercial or residential space.

Prevents permanent damage

Moss and mildew seem like harmless muck. But if you don’t clean them, they can actually lead to structural damage, especially on non-concrete surfaces. Professional pressure washing is an easy fix for this.

Keeps occupants healthy

Since pressure washing removes the dirt from your property, it also keeps irritants away from your family or employees. It’s also a positive point on your sanitary practices. 

Better first impression

When a customer or guest sees your home, you want to make a good first impression. However, this isn’t the case when you have a dirty or ugly exterior. Pressure washing can easily remove years of deep-seated dirt.

pressure washing service in Lexington, KY

Avoid lawsuits!

Accidental slips and falls on your mossy property can lead to expensive lawsuits. So clean now and have peace of mind.

How are we different from others?

BEJA Environmental Inc. is focused on delivering one thing: cleanliness with safety. Unlike other pressure washing companies in Lexington, KY who wash and leave, we always ensure that your property will be left in top condition.

We pay attention to details. And as an environmental-conscious company, we observe strict adherence to local codes. We practice responsible water treatment and disposal processes in line with the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Here at BEJA Environmental Inc., we aspire to promote a cleaner world, one green practice at a time.