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BEJA Environmental, Inc. believes that the value of your business, property, or city is directly related to the appearance of your surrounding environment

We take pride in Lexington’s clean streets, flawless parking lots and orderly construction sites. Think of us as an extension of your company to facilitate all of your outdoor cleaning challenges.

Each sweeper operator is trained in the industry — seasoned and professional. We employ a combination of TYMCO regenerative air machines and smaller T-500 mechanical vacuum/paddle machines, which are maintained on a regular basis for day–to–day reliability and top performance. Our dedication to our equipment is to ensure that your construction site, parking lot, garage or warehouse is flawless and immaculate.

Committed to all Sweeping Tasks
Our professional sweeping crews will provide the best customer service for you. Because we employ skilled, professional men and women, our clients trust and depend on the execution of our Central Kentucky sweeping services. Our goal is efficiency and non-intrusiveness, so all sweeping tasks are completed quickly and thoroughly with as little interruption to you as possible.

Professional Sweeping Services

We provide the following sweeping services:

Parking Lot Sweeping

Standard Sweep
Value-Added Services:
- Sweep back alleyways
- Blow Sidewalks
- Change garbage liners
- Ask about our Custom Services
Free “Lights Out” Report
Multiple Frequency Options

Industrial Park Sweeping
Reduce stormwater run-off levels
Minimize hazards & flat tire repairs
Benefits Asset Management & Aesthetics

Construction Sweeping
Stay compliant with Clean Water Act NPDES
Promote safety with a clean worksite
Move skilled workers on to the next job

Paving & Milling
Keep inspectors and local residents happy with your work
Experience fewer warranty call-backs!

Specialty Sweeping
Festival / Field Events
Accident / Environmental Clean-up
Private / Gated Communities / Home Owner’s Associations

Central Kentucky Sweeping Services:
Mt. Sterling

Southern Kentucky Sweeping Services:

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